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(Almost) Two Years Missing

Well, for a while the greatest unsolved mystery I had was: “Why did Marissa stop posting on her blog?” But I think I’ve cracked the case: She was stressed, depressed, and trying to be well-dressed for job interviews and work.

Yes, my friends, while I had envisioned a fabulous life of sitting in cafes blazing through cover letters and murder research in tandem until someone, anyone, called me back and I would finally be able to afford my apartment independently, life was a little more… lackluster than that.

Maybe It Was Jason - The Girl Scout Murders

Maybe It Was Jason - The Girl Scout Murders

Well, well well. Long time, no blog. I'll hopefully start holding myself to a schedule of a post every two weeks. It means more time for research and more time for me to apply for jobs! But, it has been much longer than two weeks since we had a bit of murder and mystery. And, considering it's summer, I think it's time that I bring you back to camp. I, personally, experienced Girl Scout Camp like in the murder I'll be telling you about. And what's a camp experience without some scary stories about how a ghost is going to get you or a murderer hiding in the woods?

Most of the time, you have nothing to worry about.

At Camp Scott in 1977 (June 13th, to be exact), there were signs that everyone should have been worried. They were the little details that normally were the sort of thing you embellished your urban legend with: scary notes, ransacked tents, a dark and stormy night, and one tent just a bit too far out of the way. But this scary story would become a scary reality when Michelle Guse, Lori Farmer, and Denise Milner were found murdered.

Trigger warnings in this story include: child death, rape, mutilation, racism

And while not a trigger, this is just a warning of how terribly heartbreaking this story is.