This is just a selection of my favorite true crime and unsolved mystery podcasts! It's where I get a lot of my ideas for topics or give a more in-depth look at mysteries.

Image via  Feral Audio

Image via Feral Audio

My favorite murder

What makes this podcast great is comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. If you've ever been totally bored by those overdramatic crime shows and videos, this is a lovely change. They combat the tough and confusing parts of life with humor and it makes it feel like you're talking about cases with some cool friends at a sleepover. And you'll quickly be saying their motto: Stay sexy, don't get murdered.

Image via Thinking Sideways

Image via Thinking Sideways

Thinking sideways

Joe, Devin, and Steve dive into weird unsolved cases, both ones that everyone knows (they have a massive Jack the Ripper episode) to more little-known incidents (listen to their Lake City Quiet Pills episode, it's my favorite).

Image via  Lore Podcast

Image via Lore Podcast


Lore looks into, well, folklore. Aaron Mahnke never judges or dismisses any instance of folklore. He provides the story, and let's you decide if you're going to trust the source or think it's something else (Was a man's wife really a changeling? Or did he murder her for another reason?). What the podcast is really focused on, is the idea of why these legends take a hold. Why do people want to believe? Why do people fear something that any logical person would take not to be true? It's a fascinating look at how the supernatural makes us human.