A Quick Update and the Future of this Blog

Hey everyone! I hope you're not drowning in work, life, or finals (or all of the above, like I am).

The blog portion here has been quite quiet for a long while, but that's because I am all wrapped up in my senior year finals. I've also had to take the time to write a Medium piece about a day with no social media and created this page to explain why maintaining this blog shows off not only my writing, but my social media savvy. Check it out if you'd like to see me struggling to maintain eye contact with my iPhone's tiny camera (and a sweet infographic).

But the good news is, just because classes are ending, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop this blog! In fact, I went camping this weekend, which reminded me of a lot of old girl scout rules.... and also made me think of the Girl Scout Murders. So those are coming next!

Image via... Me saving it from Tumblr I don't know how long ago

Image via... Me saving it from Tumblr I don't know how long ago

Also, I'd love to turn this blog into a podcast! Or have a podcast to accompany this blog! Just somehow have a podcast! You know I love podcasts! Now's the time for some bad news: I don't have the money for a microphone. Yet. I just need to save up (and get a job for my post-grad life). If you want to hear me, and probably my friend (who I mentioned in the Analytics post) talk about cryptids, murders, and urban myths, please let me know! (Or send me money on PayPal so I can get the equipment and get that content to you even sooner... Or send me jobs so I can earn the money myself and not rely on strangers on the internet.)

So, if you've enjoyed reading this blog, stick around, there's going to be plenty more! And if you just found me, hello! Get ready for a wild (probably bloody) ride!